FlashDry is an organic, cost-effective, and safer spill cleanup solution with six times the absorbing power of traditional clay-based products.

Use for any type of spill.

•  Hydrocarbons

•  Lubricants & Degreasers

•  Automotive Fluids

•  Paint, Chemicals & Resins

•  Cooking Oil & Grease

•  Blood & Bodily Fluids

•  Household Cleaners

•  Detergents & Softeners


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The advantages are clear.

FlashDry is 5-7x more absorbent than clay. All for ⅓ the cost.

  • icon-employee-safety Employee Safety

    FlashDry:Dust Free and Non Toxic

    Clay Absorbent:Releases Toxic Silica Dust Into The Work Environment Which Over Time Can Cause Lung Cancer

  • icon-employee-downtime Employee Downtime

    FlashDry:Back to work immediately

    Clay Absorbent:Up to 5 hours

  • icon-cleanup Cleanup

    FlashDry:Sweep it up and get back to work

    Clay Absorbent:Requires secondary clean up using a detergent chemical and a mop and bucket

  • icon-usage Usage

    FlashDry:Use for all types of spills

    Clay Absorbent:Limited Use

  • icon-food-safe Food Safe

    FlashDry:Certified food safe

    Clay Absorbent:No, due to the toxic silica dust

  • icon-weight Weight

    FlashDry:Requires 3 pounds to clean a one gallon spill

    Clay Absorbent:Requires 24 pounds to clean a one gallon spill

  • icon-absobtion-time Absorption Time

    FlashDry:Absorbs a spill in one minute

    Clay Absorbent:Up to 3 hours

  • icon-non-abrasive Non-Abrasive

    FlashDry:So soft it is also used to stuff mattresses

    Clay Absorbent:Scratches surfaces

  • icon-environmental-impact Environmental Impact/Reusable

    FlashDry:Organic, biodegradable, approved for non-hazardous landfill – US EPA Leachate standard compliant

    Clay Absorbent:Hazardous material

Safety is always first.

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Safer for your employees

FlashDry helps create a safer working environment for your team so they can quickly get back to work after a spill.

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Safer to use around food

FlashDry is an organic all natural product and is certified food safe with the NSF NonfoodCompounds Program listing (J1) #152371.

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Safer for the environment

FlashDry can be discarded in any landfill and complies with the US EPA Leachate standards making disposal safer and easier.

Revolutionizing the way messy industrial spills are cleaned.

For decades there has been little innovation in industrial spill cleanup. The most common product used today is clay absorbent. Using clay absorbent is slow, messy and worst of all can be hazardous to employee’s health and the environment.
flash dry on oil spill

Organic all-natural industrial spill solution.

FlashDry quickly absorbs spills, leaves no mess behind and gets you back to work immediately. It is made of coconut coir and research has found that it is one of nature’s natural wonders for its ability to quickly absorb any liquid.

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