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Earthsafe Launches Aquatabs In America

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives, a leading provider of safer, more sustainable industrial cleaning and disinfection solutions, introduces America to Aquatabs, the world’s number one water purification product for emergency preparation and recreation.


New Product Release

EarthSafe Introduces Safer Spill and Mold Cleanup Solutions for First Responders.


Mold helpful tips.

People who are prone to breathing problems should avoid spaces with mold. Here are other things you can do to minimize your mold exposure risk.


Mold health issues.

Mold can trigger allergies or symptoms affecting the upper respiratory system. If exposed to very high levels of mold, the most common complaints are...

mold around spigot

Mold in the home.

To what extent should we be worried about mold when it invades our homes and what effects can it have on our bodies? In this spotlight feature, we take a look at precisely what mold is, what causes it to grow, whether it is bad for our health and, if so, what can be done to stop it.

broken wall with exposed pipe

Indoor mold & asthma sufferers.

As much as our own health choices affect us, so do our environments. If our homes are producing allergens like mold that damage our health, we need to do something about it.

moldy wall
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