EarthSafe Introduces Safer Spill and Mold Cleanup Solutions for First Responders

Braintree, MA – May 2022 – EarthSafe® Chemical Alternatives is known for developing the EvaClean® Infection Prevention Solution, which firefighters use to mitigate pathogens in their fire stations and emergency vehicles. In a continuing effort to help protect the health of first responders, EarthSafe launched a safer, more sustainable line of industrial-strength products to address hazardous spills and inhibit harmful molds. 


Joe Finn, former Boston Fire Commissioner, Chief of the Department, and current First Responder Safety Advisor for EvaClean said, “Firefighters and EMS personnel handle all kinds of emergencies, including hazardous spill clean-ups and mold remediation. To ensure the health and welfare of our first responders, the chemicals they use to mitigate these issues in the field must be as safe and effective as the disinfectants they use in the firehouse.”


FlashDry is EarthSafe’s safer absorbent solution for hazardous and non-hazardous leaks and spills. It is made from 100% organic coir, a coconut fiber that is non-carcinogenic and safe to handle. Clay absorbents with granular crystalline Silica generate highly carcinogenic Silica dust and create excessive amounts of toxic waste. Clay is also heavy to apply and often requires secondary cleaning to remove residues. FlashDry is not only lighter, with seven times the absorbency, but it also costs less. FlashDry is a more sustainable way to clean up oil and chemical spills without putting first responders at risk. To further illustrate the differences between absorbents, EarthSafe prepared a video comparison.


EarthSafe’s line of industrial-strength cleaning solutions includes a more effective way to mitigate water damage and sick building syndrome at a lower cost per square foot. XMold Pro inhibits the growth of harmful molds and protects indoor and outdoor surfaces yet is harmless to personnel and the environment. Moreover, XMold Pro is the only protectant with Superstratum Smart Polymers. XMold’s partnership with Superstratum provides a unique smart polymer technology coupled with EPA-registered antimicrobials to create a long-lasting stimuli-responsive barrier against microbes and bacteria. It is also black light-sensitive for complete coverage assurance. XMold Pro can be applied using traditional methods or, for large areas, it works with EvaClean’s Protexus® electrostatic sprayers, covering 100 square feet in just one minute. PurTabs® Sanitizer and Disinfectant is another EvaClean product that works in concert with XMold Pro. PurTabs has the lowest toxicity rating with an EPA registered mold kill claim and, when followed by EarthSafe’s XMold Pro Inhibitor and Protectant, provides a complete and safe solution. 


Steve Wilson, EarthSafe CEO said, “With Joe’s guidance, our team is developing safer cleaning technologies to better protect first responders both in the firehouse and on the job.” 



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